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• Good faith
Establishment time of Zhangjiagang Dondo Webbing Company Limited is not the earliest, operation scale is not the largest or employee number is not the biggest. While we believe that attitude is everything. We regard good faith as the soul of operation, we treat equally, friendly and enthusiastically to each of our customers, trying best to provide what customers need. Because customer value creation is our final target.
• Timeliness
You must want to get the products’ related information as soon as possible as a customer. Yes, time is valuable and we also want to save your time. You can contact us at anytime you want. Despite of reasons such as time difference, we will reply as fast as possible (within 24 hours) and make sure to solve your problems in the first time.

business with dondo webbing• Share platform
We are committed to build the user experience optimization website, through which you can not only know about our products but only get more information about the industry and global commerce, acquiring you with more market news. Even your demand is not covered in our business, we shall try to give some direction or guidance or some suggestions.
• Experienced technicians
We own several technicians whose experience is over ten years, accruing the related quality standard from raw materials to finished products through strict inspection, which makes you and users ease to use and satisfactory.
• Third party testing
The third party testing reports (such as SGS, CE, PAHs, RoHS) required by customs authority (Customer could find what certificate is needed by asking customs authority or transport side) of importer are available, which make successfully to get your arriving assets.
• Transportation
Except the quality of products, you might afraid of the transportation most. What you worried is also what we worried. First, we have built a long-time cooperation with a freight forwarding partner of great integrity, there is no any complain in the past years. Secondly, every time before uploading, our company shall dispatch someone to have an overall inspection of quality, quantity, package, marks of products to make sure of no mistakes.
• Cost reduction
It is well known that there are still many professional international trade companies around us, which will increase the cost of our customers. While we are the original producer, and having excellent cooperation with raw materials suppliers who could give us the low price, and I believe you are willing to do business with suppliers like us, reducing your cost and boost net profit. Don’t you think that is a good idea?
• Research and development of products
We are willing to help you with designing and developing new products. Of course, we will keep confidential for you. And before getting your authorization, we will not start to produce.