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Restriction of textile import in Argentina

In order to protect the national industry, improve the national employment, and crack down on tax evasion, Argentina has announced new protective tariffs for textile products made from synthetic fibre and polyester fibre, which shall have influences on textile exporters from Asia.
The new provisions of resolution 3497 say that Argentina will enhance the import tariff standard on 36 kinds of textile products containing less than 85% of fibre. And the FOB price shall be between $3.83-8.47 after the test of parameter such as quality and density. More over, tax shall be collected by rule of ad valorem taxation.
The resolution says the new tariff standard is mainly against countries of north Korea, South Korea, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan and other places.
We learned that Argentina has announced "standard price" for some products, once the price of textile imports are lower than the "standard price", Argentina will investigate the imported products. A lot of textile categories have been added into the "standard price" list, including women's long socks, cotton socks, wool socks and cotton yarn and other textiles.
Ahead of the publishing of “standard price”, Argentina's IES consulting company made a report that despite of strict import restrictions imposed by Argentine government, the total import quantity of Chinese textile in Argentina still rank the first. Last year the import quantity of textile in Argentina fell to 13.2% during which 32.4% are from China, 24.6% and 5.7% from Brazil and India, ranking second and third.

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