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Shock cord category

shock cords can be generally classified by the following elements:
1. As to color, single-color and pattern shock cords are available. The former kind has only one sole color used in its braiding sheath. While the latter kind can be produced in various pattern according to the order of ingot (used for locating weaving materials).
2. As to sheath, there used to be three different materials: cotton, polyester and polypropylene. Cotton is softer than others while the most expensive one. Polyester has the highest abrasive resistance degree while polypropylene is light and the raw material is abundant which makes it cheaper than others. So polypropylene is used more that other two materials in making the shock cords.
3. As to shape, you can see on our websites, round, flat and net products are available. However, despite of their shapes, there is no big difference in their elasticity degrees.
4. As to hooking system, there are three main kinds for choosing. One is made of metal, second is made of plastic, and the third is made of both metal and plastic (plastic wraps metal).
We have been developing new products, and wish our customers can inform us your needs so that we can produce the satisfying products.

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