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Uses for ball shock loop

Ball ties are a short piece of rubber shock cord made into a loop and knotted inside a small plastic ball. While we market these as the best way to fasten a tarp to canopy frame they have many other uses. These ball ties may very well be one of the most versatile things you can have in your home, shop or business. Here is a list of uses compiled by our customers and employees.

   1. Attach Creative Shelters’ tarps to canopy frames
   2. Bundle kindling for home and camping
   3. Tie up extension cords
   4. Tie down lumber on lumber rack
   5. Tie down skies on rack
   6. Tie down bicycles on rack
   7. Tie down equipment in open trailer
   8. Tie down equipment in car hauler trailer
   9. Tie down camping equipment in bed of pickup
   10. Tie down camping equipment on car roof rack
   11. Tie down gas cans to keep from moving around
   12. Tie down tarp over trailer
   13. Tie down tarp over yard debris
   14. Secure tarps on wood, PVC, or tubing frames
   15. Secure anything that has grommets
   16. After car accident, use to tie on bumper or any loose parts
   17. Use to tie trunk shut on vehicle when you’re hauling something that does not allow you to shut it all the way
   18. Secure loose auto fog light lens until replaced
   19. Secure jars on squirrel feeders
   20. Secure your inflatable Xmas decorations to posts or anchors
   21. Secure Xmas lights to fence or other frameworks
   22. Secure ladders on work vehicles
   23. Secure bicycle wheels from spinning on vehicle bike racks
   24. Secure items on cargo racks
   25. Bundle lawn and garden tools
   26. Tie around lawn furniture and secure to a wall hooks
   27. Secure flag on long load transport
   28. Keep box lids secure
   29. To stow fishing poles, crab nets, crab bait boxes
   30. Secure tools on hooks
   31. Use to tie on back of wreaths and hang on wall hooks
   32. Secure anchors to yard ornaments
   33. Hold holiday décor on mail boxes
   34. Baby toys:  When broken down for storage, shock parts together
   35. Baby furniture:  tie together disassembled crib, infant seat, high chair, bouncy seats
   36. Secure gate up high so children can’t open
   37. Tie around fishing box to secure it from opening
   38. Group fishing poles
   39. Bundle water skies or snow skies or ski poles
   40. Secure outdoor theater tarp screen onto frame work
   41. Ball tie poles together after disassembling theater frame
   42. Secure speakers to outdoor movie screen
   43. Run ball ties through eye screws to bundle together frame fittings
   44. Camping:  Endless…
   45. Bundle tent poles
   46. Hang up battery operated lanterns
   47. Hang up bee catchers
   48. Tie around rolled up sleeping bags
   49. Tie around rolled up sleeping mattress
   50. Use on pant leg when riding a bicycle to keep pants out of chain
   51. Tie croquet mallets together for storage
   52. Keep game equipment bags tied shut
   53. Tie horseshoes together while not in use
   54. Tie horseshoe stakes together for storage
   55. Use to tie plants to plant stakes or trellis
   56. Use to attach anything with grommets or hooks
   57. Use to attach tarp over trailer or pickup bed contents
   58. Bundle pencil and pens
   59. Bundle art supplies
   60. Bundle paint brushes
   61. Endless uses on and inside RV’s
   62. Secure awning on motor home or trailer while traveling
   63. Use on quads to secure items
   64. Roll up carpets and secure with shocks
   65. Bundle books
   66. Bundle magazines
   67. Bundle household tools
   68. Bundle dowels and other small wood pieces for storage
   69. Bundle Skis for storage and transportation
   70. Bundle anything you can think of
   71. Keep ball ties and tarp for emergency in car, truck, motor home, trailer, 5th  wheel, RV’s of any kind
   72. Keep ball ties and tarp in emergency bag or backpack.  Great for hunters and hikers.
   73. Secure folding high chair during storage
   74. Secure items in work vans and vehicles
   75. Bundle car and truck chains
   76. Secure bags on motorcycle
   77. Secure sheet metal flashing for transport
   78. Secure tarp over wood pile
   79. Secure tarp over wood pellets
   80. Secure tarp as a door flap
   81. Secure items on any kind of boat
   82. Use as a hair tie to tie back hair
   83. Secure any number of things for transport, large or small
   84. Use instead of cord or string for many applications
   85. Use to help stabilize small items, as to bind together
   86. Use to bundle a bunch of things together as with a collection of items
   87. Elastic ball ties to secure luggage
   88. Secure paint pail on ladder when painting
   89. Secure tool bucket on ladder while working
   90. Stretch around small woodworking projects such as furniture legs when gluing or repairing instead of clamps
   91. Secure items in bike baskets
   92. Use when backpacking for securing items to pack or bundling items
   93. Secure items to moped or scooter
   94. Secure a gate with a broken latch
   95. Hold gates open
   96. Temporarily attach dog leash to branch
   97. Store RV sewer hose
   98. Loop together to secure larger items for transportation
   99. Tie through cabinet handles to child-proof doors
   100. Attach flag pole to canopy
   101. Keep one on your rear view mirror for whatever emergency comes up

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